Start Your Week with This Quick Time Management Tip

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Today’s tip: Choose time to do it, when you get it!

Today will begin a week filled with new work tasks and difficult time management choices. Here’s a new way to take on these challenges.

Try This:

Choose time to do it, when you get it. Whenever you receive a new task item, add it to your task list and then go one step further — assign it to your schedule:

1) Flip open your daily planner or monthly calendar and issue a specific time slot for completion.

2) Write the assigned date — or dates if the task requires — on the line next to your task on the task list.

Here’s Why:

By assigning a specific date and time for your task right away, you are setting a strong commitment at the onset. It’s a powerful message to your internal will to get it done, and you are taking advantage of the moment when the task’s urgency and context are the clearest.

Start off your next task on the right foot — with a clear intention to follow-through.

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