7 Essential Time Management Tips for Business Travelers

The real keys to having a successful business trip should take place before you ever leave the office.

Here are 7 time management tips that will dramatically improve your work productivity and reduce your work stress:

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  1. Check the travel dates for your trip. Evaluate how the trip fits into other existing work priorities. Should you lengthen the trip to accommodate visiting other clients? These considerations play important roles in your productivity.
  2. Pack wisely. If you are a regular or even occasional business traveler, you should have a go-to Pack List. It should include clothes to wear for business and casual, as well as business tools and accessories. Include business cards, all charger cords, USB cables, headphones
  3. Go online and locate the local amenities. Necessities include a breakfast spot nearby your hotel, a business/copy center (open 24 hours?), a laundry/cleaners and a good spot for dinner. Planning ahead saves valuable time and helps manage stress on the road.
  4. Study your directions on a map. Getting lost is an unnecessary waste of time, and it will impress your clients that you know the lay of the land.
  5. Develop a trip agenda. List what meetings, topics, tours, meals and other activities you anticipate. Make your schedule firm but flexible. You’ll always need to work in time for delays at baggage claim, traffic, rental car lines, and rest stops.
  6. If you are flying there are many opportunities for work productivity – if driving work time is limited, but still available. Create a task list that includes phone calls, emails, memos into your voice recorder for dictation later – even podcasts or webinars you can download to your laptop or smartphone.
  7. Build-in downtime. Pains such as jet lag, sore back from driving, and tender feet can reduce your work productivity. Regardless of whether you’re a road warrior, it’s vital that you consider the dramatic increase in work stress these trips offer.

While on the road your work environment may change, but your effective time management and expectations for work productivity can remain on track.

Planning and preparation will set you up for success on your next business trip.

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Day-Timer Spokesperson Jeff Doubek can be reached at jeff.doubek@daytimer.com