Today’s Productivity Tip: Organize Repeating Daily Tasks

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Today’s tip: Create a checklist for repeating daily tasks

Getting into the flow of a busy workday can be challenging, here’s a great way to save time in your morning planning:

Try This:

Simplify your daily morning planning by creating a checklist for your repeating daily to-dos. For example: you can have “Morning routine,” that consists of checking email, voicemail, browsing industry updates and opening mail. Similarly, “Afternoon phone calls,” or “Daily Kitchen Chores” are other checklist ideas.

Other Tips:

*Print this list from your computer and keep it handy each day, or type it into your HomeLife free online family calendar.

**Use your Plan2Go smartphone app to set reminder when it’s time to do your daily routine.


Here’s Why:

Using a daily routine checklist allows you to streamline your planning. Instead of having to write out all your repeating tasks, you can simply put the checklist name on your to-do list. Once you’ve completed your daily routine — check it off!

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3 thoughts on “Today’s Productivity Tip: Organize Repeating Daily Tasks

  1. I’ve been doing that for a while now. It really saves having to write repetitive tasks over and over again. I have two lists: a morning routine and an evening routine. Both fit on a single two-sided sheet of paper. I created the list using Excel. The to do item goes into the first column and there are 15 check boxes on the front page and 16 check boxes on the back page, which covers the entire month. I punch holes and put it next to my monthly calendar. It such a time saver and I don’t forget anything!

  2. Hi, I’m wanting to start this but would like to hear of others examples on exactly how you do it. Do you post in your organizer one line that says, “morning routine” and if so, where do you list exactly what that contains? Thanks

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