Post-Holiday Productivity Tips from Around the Web

It’s been a hard week getting back into the swing of things, post-holiday. We’ll here’s a little inspiration to help you have a more productive week:

4 Productivity Strategies for Working with “Disorganized” Brilliant People – Everyone requires a different level of order. Great tips here for those running organizations or small businesses — even if you’re not brilliant. [Forbes]

Daily planners: paper or electronic? – A great perspective on boosting time management and productivity by finding your ideal planning tool [Washington Post]

New Year, More Productive You – Burst out of the gates this year and be your most productive self with this playbook for getting more done at work. [Wall Street Journal]

Top 20 Mobile Productivity Apps of 2011 – Love your smartphone? Here’s a good gathering of apps you should look at for increasing your productivity. Note: Check out Day-Timer’s Plan2Go app for your top iPhone and Android planning app for 2012. [Practical eCommerce]

Develop Productivity Rituals – A quick video that inspires you to boost your productivity by creating daily habits. [Harvard Business Review]

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