The Best Way to Kick-Off Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Today’s tip: Start your New Year’s Resolutions right

Your life revolves around your workplace and it’s stressing you out. Here’s a few effective ways to increase and enjoy your personal time.

Try This:

Start your New Year’s Resolutions for success with a little planning this week. For example, if losing weight in the New Year is your goal, take a 15 minutes each day to give yourself a head start:

  • write down the how, what, when, and where of your goal
  • get the Christmas treats and junk food out of the house
  • research some easy-to-make, healthy meal tips
  • start a fitness routine by taking a daily walk
  • limit your calorie-heavy soda or alcohol consumption

Here’s Why:

Nearly half of all New Year’s Resolutions fail within 6 months, and it’s typically because of a delay in making your commitment. The best time to start on your New Year’s Resolution is now.

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  1. Try This:
    – Supporting your customers.

    Here’s Why:
    – Refusing to support your customers hurts your reputation and costs you money.

    1. Hi Tim,

      I know you’re disatisfied with a recent experience, and that’s a bummer. So once again I offer you a chance to email me ( and explain why you’re unhappy. Please let me try and assist you or find someone who can. Let’s use our time for positive gain.

      Thanks — Jeff

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