6 Ways to Balance Your Time and Relax This Week

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Today’s tip: Create more work-Life balance

Your life revolves around your workplace and it’s stressing you out. Here’s a few effective ways to increase and enjoy your personal time.

Try This:

Commit yourself to work-life balance by following these steps:

  1. Include personal tasks in your planner’s daily priorities – don’t be reactive with your personal time
  2. Set and pursue 3-5 personal goals at the beginning of each month
  3. Track how you spend your time – finish each day by recording personal activities in your planner
  4. Increase your personal time by cutting back mindless TV and internet browsing
  5. Minimize your commitments to others
  6. Eat well, sleep well – live healthier and increase your energy levels during off-work hours

Here’s Why:

Having healthy work-life balance is a key to life. It puts you on the right path to living a rewarding personal life with family, friends and self-interests. Additionally, it makes you a more productive and stress-free employee.

Remember, having work-life balance requires that you plan your personal time the same way you do at work. Find a planner to help you track your activities at daytimer.com. 

[photo by sebilden]

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