The Trick to Syncing Your Paper Planner and Smartphone

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Today’s tip: Coordinate your paper planner and smartphone

You’ve got two great tools for organizing your time, a paper planner and a smartphone, but don’t quite know how to make it work.

Try this:

Create specific rules for how you use each tool. Use these guidelines:

  • Smartphone: monthly schedule, appointment reminders, master task list (bucket), contact list, email
  • Paper planner: today’s prioritized schedule and task list, daily notes

Here’s why:

It’s important that you benefit from the strengths of each planner – the smartphone’s fast digital memory and the planner’s accessible writing surface. By creating an effective digital and paper planner system you can stay organized and avoid redundant writing or typing.

Additional notes:

  • Your specific needs may differ — try the rules above and modify your system to what’s comfortable for  you
  • For your smartphone planner, use Day-Timer’s new Plan2Go app for Android and iPhone and combine your calendar and tasks into one daily view
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  1. I have a compact size 6 ring binder and would love to do tasks and notes on daily printed pages…but I haven’t found anyone who prints pages without a schedule. Any suggestions?

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