One Easy Tip for Checking Off Lingering Tasks

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Today’s tip: Decide on those lingering tasks

There’s always one or two lingering items on your planner’s to-do list that never get done, and over time it can haunt you. This week you can choose to take a special action on these tasks:

Try This:

Make one of three decisions on all lingering projects on your to-do list:

1) Schedule it: choose a date/time in the next 2 weeks to address the task, and file any source material
2) Park it: place it on a “Someday-Maybe” list, and file all task-related material
3) Delete it: if the task is important enough to you it will pop-up again later on

Here’s Why:

Having incomplete tasks hang over your head can cause a general feeling of dissatisfaction and unnecessary stress. Making proactive decisions on your lingering tasks is an important step toward better time management.

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One thought on “One Easy Tip for Checking Off Lingering Tasks

  1. Never thought about #3, but that indeed makes sense. My husband talks about missing phone calls, “If it’s important, they will call back.” Well, if the project is important, it will make itself known again, too!

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