5 Ways To Make Family Traditions a Part of Every Celebration

This post is brought to you by Sara Hawkins, a blogger from Enough Time Moms – Day-Timer’s online community just for hard-working moms!

Having grown up with different traditions than my husband, one of the challenges was how we would blend our favorite holiday memories as well as create our own. Fortunately, we both love good food and enjoy spending time with family and friends. That has allowed us make the holidays our own.  And now that we have a daughter, the holidays have taken on more meaning and my focus is now on creating traditions that will create life-long memories for her.

Having family traditions and passing them on to our children is important to continuing that family bond and preserving our heritage. But with the stress of the holidays it can be easy to collapse at the end of the day or make excuses for not dragging out all the decorations and memorabilia that make the holidays that much more special. And as times change, what was once quaint and special may now feel outdated or boring.

Creating family traditions can often fall to Mom. With these 5 tips, you’ll be able to easily incorporate fun and great memories into your holidays for years to come:

  1. Involve the children – young children who are part of the process of making the memories will be more engaged and will look forward to the continuity each year. Adapt the tradition as the kids grow to keep it relevant and interesting to them.
  1. Keep things simple and doable – know your limitations and embrace what you can do. It’s better to do a few things consistently than be frustrated because you can’t do it all perfectly.
  1. Incorporate traditional and meaningful foods – gathering around the table, whether for a meal or a special treat, is a powerful memory especially when the food is so closely connected to a strong family experience. Food does not have to be the focus, but having special foods during certain holidays can make lasting memories.
  1. Share with others – holiday traditions are wonderful to share with friends and help our kids appreciate how special and unique they are. Even more important is to learn how other families make the celebration important and meaningful for their family.
  1. Strengthen the bond – no matter how small or grand, family traditions give us a sense of belonging, create happy memories and teach our children the important values we have as a family.

One of my fondest memories is making Christmas cookies with my mother.  We didn’t celebrate Christmas, but my mother loved baking Christmas cookies and sharing with other people.  She and I would make hundreds of cookies, laugh, sing, and then share our bounty with friends.  I look forward to carrying on this tradition with my daughter.

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