Don’t Forget This One Important List

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  Today’s tip: Keep a Grass-Catcher List

Your next brilliant idea may already have been forgotten.

Everyone has exceptional thoughts and ideas that fall through the cracks because they’re not ready to act on them. Unfortunately, some of those ideas may have shaped their future goals and success.

Try this:

Anytime you get an idea that you’re unsure about (“someday/maybe” items), list it as a Grass-Catcher item in your day planner. Either create a special list, or add it to your Master Task list with a symbol “G.” Be sure to put it on your list without judgment, you will determine its value later. Then, during your weekly planning sessions, weed through your Grass-Catcher list and pick ideas that spark your interest.

Here’s Why:

The grass-catcher on a lawn mower collects just about anything it comes into contact with – not just grass. It’s non-exclusive. Creating a similarly non-exclusive method for capturing task and goal ideas can be a useful and liberating experience.

How a Grass-Catcher list will benefit you:

• Captures fledgling ideas for future consideration as tasks and goals
• Reduces anxiety and distraction by freeing mental clutter
• Fights procrastination – it’s a delegation zone for non-priority tasks you’re not getting done

Remember: It’s okay if many of your Grass-Catcher items become compost.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget This One Important List

  1. I’ve been jotting all ideas on a master “to-do” list but the grass catcher ideas have been getting lost. I like the idea of flagging them with a “g” so I know which ones they are without reading through the whole list.

    1. I use a lowercase “g” with a circle around it, and put it in front of the task item, but do whatever works for you. Enjoy your time!

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