Save Time Each Day, Learn Your Shortcuts

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Today’s tip: Learn shortcuts

Needing a little more time on your side? Here’s a great trick for squeezing some routinely wasted time out of your day:

Try this:

Learn your keyboard shortcuts for frequently used activities. It will save you tons of time in the long haul.

Here are a few examples of keyboard shortcuts that will save you time:

 – Alt Tab: toggle between windows

– Ctrl W: close window

– Alt S: save file

– Ctrl P: print

– Ctrl Shift I: go to inbox (Outlook)

– Ctrl R: reply to message (Outlook)

– Ctrl 2: view calendar (Outlook)

 It’s up to you to discover which shortcuts might serve you best. Here are two lists of commonly used Office shortcuts:

Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac Outlook Keyboard Cheatsheet

Write these down in your planner or print out a list that you can study during your downtime.

Here’s why:

Each time you move your hand from keyboard to mouse you’re not only wasting valuable seconds, but more importantly you’re interrupting your flow. This quickly adds-up to lost productivity.

Upgrade your skill set by making keyboard shortcuts a valuable part of your daily workflow.

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