4 Tips for Being a More Productive Family

Let’s face it, Mom is overworked! There’s just not enough time in her day to get everything done for her family.

But there are ways to lighten Mom’s load, and enjoy the satisfaction of being a more productive family.

Try these tips:


Collaborate and grow:

Get your entire family involved in household chores, especially your kids. There are many age appropriate tasks for children including sorting laundry and setting the table for examples. By involving children in household tasks, parents give them independence, self-reliance, and a healthier self-image.

Delegate, don’t micromanage:

There is no bigger time waster than to give a child a chore, and then watch over them as they do it. Take the time to properly teach the skill, making sure to explain your expectations, and then release them to do it. Offer feedback once the chore is complete — you’ll be amazed how productive kids can be!

Keep routines on schedule:

Do all regular activities such as meal times, bedtimes, homework, yard work and grocery shopping trips at the same time every day. Consistent routines create household order because they allow family members to plan their day around common activities.

Start the day right:

Keep mornings from becoming chaotic and stressful by starting the night before. This means planning outfits, packing backpacks, making lunches, and setting the table for breakfast.

In the morning, have everyone know their assigned duties: wake to an alarm clock, let the dog out, brush their teeth, pour the milk, and put away dishes. Get everyone involved and you’ll reduce the collective stress.

[photo by Keoni Cabral]

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Day-Timer Spokesperson Jeff Doubek can be reached at jeff.doubek@daytimer.com