4 Ways to Avoid Schedule Overload Each Day

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Today’s tip: Avoid schedule overload

Tired of feeling like you need to be everywhere at once? Unfortunately, it’s a recipe for a challenging week. Here are a few smart ways to protect yourself from having schedule overload…

Try This:

Each morning, spend 5 minutes planning your daily schedule and protect your time for getting priorities done. Use these ways to keep your commitments to meetings and outside activities to a minimum:

  • Keep set of goals written in your planner, and make sure all new appointments and meeting requests fit these priorities
  • Delegate to a co-worker or friend who may have more time or resources — promise to do the same for them another week
  • Follow the 80/20 rule – focus on top-producing activities and set time limits on low value tasks that eat up time and offer few paybacks (example: 30 min. per day on email)
  • Say no: reschedule new requests you don’t have time for today — give yourself a reality check by writing down anticipated task times in your planner

Here’s Why:

It’s easy to find yourself with a day full of wall-to-wall meetings, but you’re not being responsible to yourself and your own priorities. The above methods help you take a stand for your time and protect what’s important each day.

Make it a point to protect your schedule this week, and please comment and let me know how well it works!


Note: Have an overloaded schedule at home? Use HomeLife to keep your family’s schedule running like clockwork.



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