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Jeff Doubek, Day-Timer SpokespersonWe continue to ask readers to send comments and questions about planning, productivity and time management, to Jeff Doubek, Brand Spokesperson. Your response has been fantastic. Here is an answer to a user question that might be of interest.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for all your terrific tips; I incorporate them as often as possible. I have been using the Portable size paper planner because it fits in most purses, and having it with me is crucial. But I have recently found that the Desk size planner actually works better for me. Short of buying huge purses, is there a tip or trick that will help me keep the Desk sized planner with me at all times?


Hi DL,

Thanks for writing. I’m pleased that you find my tips useful. I too use a Desk sized planner and have been for the better part of 15 years. It just works for me in terms of its writing space to portability ratio.

No, it doesn’t fit in your purse too well, so the best tip I can offer is that you create contexts in your life where it fits in, and know other times when it might not. For example, I might not take the planner into the grocery store, but I always keep it in the car.

(In any case, I never leave the house without it — but quite often leave it in the car. It’s never too far away.)

The secret to this is that I always have a back-up plan… usually in the form of a small notepad that fits in my jacket pocket. That way I can carry shopping lists and jot down thoughts and ideas that I have while away from my planner. It all gets transferred into my planner the minute I get back to the car — or my desk in the case of going to lunch.

So as you go about your day, follow some standards as to when you will take it and that will in-turn increase the likelihood that you will do so.

Some examples of when you would/wouldn’t carry your planner:
– Car: yes
– Restaurant: no
– Coffee shop: yes
– Social function: no
– Library: yes
– Teacher’s conference: yes
– Shopping: no
– Airport: yes

Hopefully, you see my point – you’ll have to make your own rules. Keeping a small notepad (or smartphone) in your pocket will help bridge the gap while you’re away from your planner.

Hope this helps.

Enjoy your time — Jeff

8 thoughts on “Ask Jeff – November 2011

  1. I have used my desk planner for 15 years. Love it, but sometimes found it cumbersome to carry, yet necessary for appointment re-scheduling with my massage clients. Now I use my cell phone scheduler for making appointments. After a few mis-steps I learned the importance of reconciling my phone and my planner as soon as possible. Plus I reconcile the two every evening as a way of reviewing my day and planning for tomorrow.

  2. I too use a desk size planner. i used one simce my teenage son and I attended a time management seminar in 1996. I carry it to appointments I have medical records in mine as well.. My husband and I keep all our appointents on computer calendar in Microsoft office. I transfer appointments to my planner.Since it is heavy, sometimes I print the current month out to carry in my purse along with a notebook. .

  3. I have used the Senior Pocket Planner for more than 24 yrs and can’t live without it. I’m the only person in my town (pop. 950) who uses one so everyone who sees it knows it’s mine even if they’re not close enough to see my initials. It has met my needs through running my own Avon business, getting 2 dtrs through college, helping them with their childrens’ busy schedules and now my personal retirement life and taking friends to doctors and shopping. I will never be without one. Thank you for a wonderful product. I even have one 85 yr old friend who calls and tells me to grab my DayTimer because she has a new drs apptment. LOL

  4. I too was using the zipper binder with shoulder strap. My binder was a 2in one and unfortunately became too heavy for the shoulder strap as the holders for the strap pulled out of binder. If you are using a smaller, thinner planner, this solution should work.

  5. Pretty good idea about the product with the shoulder strap & zipper! I bought my wife one of the journal malibu planners–its slimmer than the ‘desk’ size, so even though there’s more writing space, she can still fit it in maybe 70% of her purses. You do lose that customization when you go with the wirebound, though.

    1. Good point Ryan, the wire-bound planners offer a slimmer profile and can slip into a purse or bag quite easily.

      Enjoy your time! Jeff

  6. I have used the desk size planner for close to 15 years and it goes everywhere with me. I purchased the binder that zips and has a shoulder strap. I am a Paralegal and it provides the professional look I desire. Also, it is large enough to hold accessories so that I have all the necessities (money, credit cards, cell, etc., when I go out.


    1. MJ thanks for commenting. It’s great to hear that you’ve made your desk planner a go-everwhere accessory. Hopefully others will give your suggestion a try.

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