Gain Time, Go On a Personal Commitment Diet

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Today’s tip: Trim down your commitments

If there never seems enough time in your personal life, you may need to trim the fat off your commitments. By losing the excess you’ll lighten up your week.

Try This:

Each month evaluate your personal commitments, which include social activities, volunteer events, hobbies, groups and organizations, and even some relationships.

Cut out or reduce your involvement in personal commitments that:

  • Don’t produce value for yourself or others
  • Would not cause harm or serious repercussions if ended
  • Are one-sided, all give and no take
  • Could give you more time to do something you value, if ended

Here’s Why:

It’s human nature to take on more responsibilities than we can handle, especially when it involves an emotional commitment. That’s why it’s important to question whether these activities are an important use of your time.

Lose unnecessary personal commitments and you’ll benefit from having more time for what’s important — and you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders in terms of stress.

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