Use Your Most Important Work Hour This Week

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Today’s tip: Create a “No Interruption Hour”

You have a lot to do, but it feels like you can never get things going each day. Sound familiar? Well, Here’s a simple trick you should try this week for getting one more task done at work or at home.

Try This:

Create a No Interruption Hour each day. Each day, designate one specific hour that you can block out for focused work time.

Here’s how:

  • Check your schedule once a morning and choose an hour that allows you the best chances of not being disturbed
  • Commit to this time by writing it into your planner, Outlook or smartphone schedules
  • Email co-workers  (or family) an hour before the specific time when you will be unavailable
  • Create a voicemail greeting that fully explains when you’ll be available on today’s date, and that offers alternate means of contact (e.g. email, text)
  • Shut out all distractions by turning off your phone, closing your email program, and closing your door
  • When the hour is up, schedule time to respond to any email, voice, or text messages you might have received

Here’s Why:

Distractions can eat away your productivity in small chunks due to the time it takes you to regain focus. You typically don’t see the damaging effect of interruptions. Make a personal commitment to at least one undisturbed hour each day and you will be surprised how much more you accomplish.

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