10 Ways to Get Over the Hump and Become More Reliable and Productive

You’re not as organized as you’d like to be. And, you probably feel that it’s holding you back, at work and at home. Many people share these same feelings.

But there is a way you can climb out of that daily rut and become the dependable, go-getting, high-achiever type you want to be.

Here are 10 ways to become more reliable and more productive at work and at home:

  1. Write everything down: Keep your planner nearby at all times to record conversations, appointments and especially task ideas – it’ll become your second brain
  2. Take 5 each morning: plan your day over a cup of coffee and stay accountable for important appointments and activities
  3. Use your Sunday “me time”: 15 minutes of planning each Sunday allows you to organize your week ahead and choose priority tasks to accomplish
  4. Simplify your tasks: keep yourself from getting overwhelmed (a big procrastination cause), learn to break down your tasks into small easily done pieces
  5. Track your time: Keep a daily time journal and summarize your activities each hour, it will help you stay motivated and will give you an honest picture of where your time really goes
  6. Use one calendar: don’t spread your life out thin, consolidate your schedule into one easily accessible, go-to location
  7. Create flow: Sometimes you just need to get yourself into the flow, set a timer for 15 minutes and work hard – you’ll find yourself working hard and focused
  8. Avoid distractions: shut out the websites, the drop-ins, and other external noise that steals your time. Successful people know how to protect your time
  9. Use routines:  when things go south, a set of daily routines can keep you on track. Here are some suggestions
  10. Review your day: before you turn out the lights and shut down the office, take a few minutes to journal at least 5 key things that happened – tomorrow you’ll quickly remember where you left off

Do you have a tip for getting yourself over the hump and on your way to a productive week? Please share your tip…

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