Top Posts: Get More Work Done and Be Less Stressed

Here’s my selection of the best time management and productivity articles this week from around the web. Includes advice for stay-at-home parents, ways to speed-up your Google searches, and a new trick for making a to-do list.


20 Tips for More Efficient Google Searches – Read this. You can dramatically cut down the time you spend on Google searches and get better results. Read this post for ways how. [Dumb Little Man]

8 Easy Organizational Tips to Increase Your Productivity at Work So here are 8 easy-to-implement organizational tips for working Moms (but great for Dads too) [Psychology Today] 

10 Laws of Productivity – I love this post. It’s filled with sound advice on breaking through the barriers in your daily work. Great ready for greatness… [99% blog]

Ways to De stress at the End of your Workday – Don’t end your workweek without taking time to vent some of the steam that’s built up. Here are some good suggestions how. [Fit Hacks]

How a Stay-at-Home Parent Gets Stuff Done – Here are some good tips for stay-at-home parents who also work from home. [Stepcase Lifehack]

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