One Great Way to Reduce Morning Stress

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Today’s tip: Prepare yourself the night before

Mornings can be stressful, especially when you have a family to rally out the door. Here’s the best way to begin your day.

Try This:

Set yourself up for success the night before. Create a 30-minute routine you can do before going to bed. Include the following:

  • Put your car keys, wallet and purse/briefcase by the door
  • Make tomorrow’s lunches for yourself and family
  • Organize breakfast (e.g. set out cereal, fruit, bowls)
  • Pack your briefcase for work/school
  • Bag up a healthy afternoon snack like fruit, nuts, or a granola bar
  • Pick out your clothes
  • Check the weather and determine if a coat, umbrella, or hat is necessary
  • Plan out your schedule and tasks in your planner

Here’s Why:

You’ll reduce a lot of stress from your life when you eliminate many of the decisions that complicate your morning. Prepare yourself the night before and enjoy a better start to your day.

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