Reduce Stress and Enjoy Your Labor Day!

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Today’s tip: Enjoy your time off!

Day-Timer wishes you a fantastic Labor Day. While you’re enjoying your time off, take a minute to think about 5 ways you can reduce your stress during the week.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Get to bed earlier a half hour earlier and be more well-rested
  • Stand up and stretch at work — once in the morning and once in the afternoon
  • Stop rushing — leave more time to get to appointments
  • Write out specific project plans — keep tasks from falling through the cracks
  • Delegate a few tasks and lighten your workload
  • Take a walk and get some fresh air after lunch
  • Create nightly routines that make morning easier (e.g. make a sack lunch and find your car keys before going to bed)

Remember that an essential part of living a healthy successful life is reducing your stress. What’s your best stress-buster? Leave a comment.

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