One Good Way to Reduce Stress This Week

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Today’s tip: Get it out of your head

Feel like this week’s going to be a busy one? There is one good way you can improve your output capacity and reduce your stress.

Try This:

Write everything down.

  • This week, make it a point to put all of your plans, ideas, tasks, thoughts, and observations about your work down on paper.
  • It’s always a good practice to think with a pen in hand, but this week you should commit yourself to writing it all down, more so than ever before.
  • A daily journal is the best tool for this, so keep a paper planner with you at all times.

Here’s Why:

Writing things down declutters your brain and de-stresses you. You are giving yourself permission to not memorize everything, which enables you to better focus on the task at hand. You will also feel a weight lifted off your shoulders with the confidence that nothing will slip through the cracks.

Make it a point to get it out of your head this week, and please comment and let me know how well it works!


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2 thoughts on “One Good Way to Reduce Stress This Week

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Writing down is the one of the best things you have taught me.
    Making a list of things as you said clears off the load from the head.

    Now you know that all you have to do is on the paper and all you have to do is DO IT!

    Then tick off the item as it is completed and carry on. Soon you will have finished your list of items as you will be working with a clear or stress free head!!

    Thank you Jeff!


    1. I’m glad you find these tips helpful Al, and you’re right the key component is getting it out of your head. Next step is doing it!

      Thanks for commenting.

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