East Coast Hurricane Preparation Checklist

As Hurricane Irene rushes toward the East Coast, Day-Timer wants to help you be prepared. At least 65 million people are estimated to be in the path of Irene.

It’s unknown how much damage it will cause to your home or your way of life, so your best plan of action is to make plans and prepare. There are some simple but important steps you can take now to ensure that you and your family are safe and sheltered.

Make  the following tips action items on your to-do list, or print this list and fold it into your planner:

  • Do your grocery shopping today or tonight. Depending on where you live, you may not be able to drive a car anywhere beginning Saturday night and all day Sunday.
  • Do not park car in a low area or at the bottom of a sloping street, where flooding may occur.
  • Anticipate loss of power for up to 48 hours. Have batteries, radio, flashlight, and candles on hand and ready.
  • Store water in bottles, as water service may be lost.
  • Fill your bathtub with water for the purpose of putting in your toilet tank to get a flush. (if you lose water service, you’ll thank us for this tip!)
  • Consider any vulnerabilities to your home, roof, and foundation. High winds and rain will put excessive strain on your structure, so plan for any areas of weakness with supplies such as buckets, duct tape, and plywood.
  • If you have to leave your home, think about where you will go. Keep in mind that you may not be able to drive. Also, make a list of items you would take with you that can be carried.
  • Cell phone service may be spotty, or not working at all. Access to a battery-powered radio is important. You can check on emergency news and reports for weather travel conditions.
  • If you don’t have a battery powered portable radio, your car radio may be a necessary alternative.
  • Reconsider travel plans for Saturday night or Sunday. Regional public transit authorities on the East Coast have already announced shut downs of bus, subway, and train services, as well as airports.
  • Local roads may be closed due to downed trees and flooding. Be aware of state police declaring an overall emergency for road travel.
  • If you are currently under medical care, or may need medical assistance, consider your options by calling your local hospitals and clinics. EMTs may not be able to get to you in the normal fashion so it is critical to plan ahead.

Whatever you do, please make a plan to be safe and protect your loved ones from the volatility of extreme weather. It’s much better to be over prepared than caught off-guard.

For more information,  here is the link to the National Hurricane Center: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/.

[photo by Nasa Goddard Photo and Video]

Day-Timer Spokesperson Jeff Doubek can be reached at jeff.doubek@daytimer.com

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  1. Please be careful prior to using candles during/after any of these catastrophic events – you must be absolutely sure that your natural gas line hasn’t been compromised. Use flashlights until you are absolutely, positively sure!

    1. That’s a good point Aspire. I’m sure you gave a lot of people a good reminder.

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