The One Goal You Should Achieve In School

It’s going to be a busy school year. In fact, your first week is looking pretty strapped. Whatever happened to easing your way back?

If you’re a college or high school student, looming ahead is a growing list of homework assignments accompanied by a schedule full of lectures, projects and exams that all require your attention.

It feels like an uphill battle, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, there’s one simple but effective way for having a successful week:

Set a weekly goal

Set your mind on accomplishing one goal each week, and get it done. Choose a milestone from your long-term goals (e.g. good grades, graduation, career aspirations) or set a goal that’s relevant to something important at school right now.

For example, you might choose to focus on having a role in an upcoming class election or homecoming activity.

Once you’ve chosen your goal, take the following steps:

  • Schedule a series of daily tasks that will get it accomplished
  • Be sure to plan realistically, don’t overload yourself
  • Spread out your tasks so that you can get other work done
  • Follow through — you can make it happen!

One week, one focus

Having one main goal sets a unique purpose to this week. It reminds you to lift your head from the daily minutia of classes and homework and see the big picture.

Just as daily commitments are necessary — for doing homework, paying bills, doing laundry, and so on — setting weekly goals are vital to moving forward in life.

The mental payoff to achieving a goal is tremendous. You have the chance to score a personal victory this week! If anything, it’s a major motivator toward keeping yourself on-track with your studies and other school responsibilities.

Track your steps

When pursuing goals, it’s important to record your progress, or else you can quickly lose track of your efforts. A student planner makes a trusty keeper of your goals, as a place to write in your tasks each day, and as a place to check off your completed work on your way to success.

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