Make SURE School Work Gets Done by Combining Your Paper Planner with this App

Want help getting good grades? There’s an app for that.

Yes, if you’re a plugged-in student who doesn’t take a step without their iPhone, you can dramatically improve your chances at succeeding in school. All it takes is your student planner, plus this productivity app.

There’s no need to do things at the last minute anymore. Use these tools and follow the system that will help any college or high school student stay ahead of their class assignments.

Make these steps part of your weekly routine and become a grade-making machine:

• Maintain a master task list on paper. Each Sunday, sit down and write an new list. Enter all the details, including due dates into your student planner.

• Digitize all new appointments from your daily notes and conversations into your iPhone app. This creates a master schedule that can be accessed from anywhere. It’s a good way to keep tomorrow’s schedule in mind while you’re out having fun at night, and your app can capture important appointments and to-dos when your planner is not with you.

• Write out your daily plan. Each morning over breakfast copy the daily view in your app and copy down today’s important appointments and activities.

• Create study times. As you write out your daily class schedule, you will see open pockets of time to be used for studying and projects. Handwrite these into your planner.

• Remember: The act of writing your tasks reinforces your commitment by creating a higher level of personal investment into completing the task.

• Set digital reminders. Having a bell chime when it’s time to do homework is a powerful advantage. Set reminders on all key tasks in your iPhone app or Outlook program as a back up alarm to your paper planner.

• Balance school and fun. Mix your schedule with school and social activities, using the apps category color feature you can sort your schedule and be sure you’re balancing your time properly.

• Bonus tip: Maintain a key contact list in your student planner. As a backup, list 5-10 of your most important phone numbers on paper in case you ever lose or damage your phone.

When you’re busy with classes, having your phone keep you alert of your daily plan with reminders is a leg-up that other students don’t have. It’s like having your own personal assistant.

Create this grade making machine for yourself. Choose your student planner and download the Day-Timer iPhone app today.

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