Back-to-School Time is Upon Us

With back-to-school season upon us, it’s time to get the student you know back on the path to success with a thoughtful gift from the Day-Timer Student Planner Collection.

Today’s competitive job market demands that your student achieve success in school, be it college or high school. Now is the time for your student to establish good study habits and time management practices that will help them move onto graduation and into a good career.

The truth is, solid time management skills beat out SAT scores as the higher determiner of a college student’s grades, according to recent studies. Boost their time management skills with a student planner.

You can set your student on the road to success this school year:

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Using a planner in combination with good planning habits, a student will learn to make room for both their study time and fun time. They will also be able to maintain a weekly schedule for themselves, without a few appointments slipping through the cracks.

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[photo by Tulane Public Relations]