The Trick to Finding More Quality Time

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Today’s tip: Remember Your Quadrants

You know you need to prioritize your tasks better, but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Here’s a good tip:

Try This:

Classify your tasks as belonging to 1 of 4 categories, or quadrants:

– Quadrant 1 tasks are urgent and important. These are the tasks that must be handled with immediacy — typically, the fires that need putting out.

– Quadrant 2 tasks are important, but not urgent. These activities are important to your goals and priorities. This is the most preferred quadrant as it allows you to focus without stress.

– Quadrant 3 tasks are urgent, but not important. This is the distraction zone of unwanted phone calls, co-worker drop-ins, and other activities that require immediate attention.

– Quadrant 4 tasks are neither urgent nor important. This is wasted time because the activities have very little value to you.

Here’s Why:

The quadrant system helps you get a clear picture of how valuable a task really is. Quite often, we confuse urgency for importance and end up wasting time on last-minute activities that really aren’t that important to you in the long run.

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