How School Planners Help Students Manage Time Better

Organize Your Homework in 5 Easy Steps!

Most students figure out quickly that the hardest part about school isn’t the papers and exams, it’s trying to keep up with homework and studies in so many different subjects.

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In high school or college, it’s no fun if you’re always reacting to things. Tomorrow there’s a test, you have a paper due in two days, and those end-of-semester exams always come up quickly.

Wouldn’t school be great if you could keep everything straight each week?

Well, there’s an easy way to keep yourself on top of your classes and homework each week, and all you need is a student planner.

Just follow the easy steps in this article and you will be a master student of time management.

Step 1: Choose your top priorities

  • Pick out the top activities going on this week. Include tests, term papers, and any other assignments that compose a significant part of your grade. (Tip: Make it your business to always ask your teacher/professor how much each test or major assignment affects your grade.)
  • Concentrate a majority of your effort to these high-value activities. This is the 80/20 rule where 80% of your weekly success comes from the top 20% of your to-do list.

Step 2: Create a priority task list

  • Write out each high-priority activity using action words such as “write,” “read,” “outline,” and “complete” in the task list of your student planner.
  • Break down large tasks into a series of smaller, less threatening activities – it will fight procrastination.

Step 3: Assign due dates

  • Set a time limit for getting things done, write a date or day of the week after each priority task.
  • Don’t overbook yourself, be realistic with what you can actually accomplish.

Step 4: Follow-through

  • Using the weekly calendar in your school planner, schedule time slots where you can work on these priorities.
  • Consult your list every morning to review today’s priority and enjoy checking off completed tasks.

Step 5: Set your next actions

  • List any tasks that are the “next things to do” of your priorities this week.
  • Find out when the next test, project or paper is due after the one you just completed, and write it in your future schedule.

That’s it! Five steps for identifying and accomplishing your priorities. Use this quick and easy student time management method and keep on top of your studies and ahead of the game.

Remember, having a trusty school planner is a major part of this process. If you don’t have one yet, check out our new line of college and high school student planners.

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