Key Reasons Why Paper and Pen Benefit You in the Digital Age

Using paper and pen more often each day can change your life for the better.

Here’s an article worth 10 minutes of your time on the power of paper in everyday life from the blog Dumb Little Man. It offers key advice for planning on paper – much of which you may never have considered.

The author describes his transformation from a mostly digital to a mostly paper lifestyle and saw immediate benefits.

“I have noticed that my clarity and productivity are through the roof. I credit this change to something very basic: the use of pen and paper.”

He lists four life-changing benefits for using pen and paper. My favorite is #3: You Create Reference Points, which describes how writing on paper creates a physical reference point to your ideas, goals and activities.

Our brains are stuffed with new ideas everyday, why carry the additional burden of remembering everything? Paper offers a visual, hands-on recall of your daily events.

Give the article a read, and please share your thoughts on how you find paper useful in your life… or how you don’t.

Of course, I have found many great advantages to combining paper and digital planning tools. Whether you use an iPhone app or an online calendar a hybrid system allows you the benefits of paper listed above, plus the convenience and speed advantages of digital systems.

Full article: The Power of Paper in Everyday Life [Dumb Little Man blog]

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3 thoughts on “Key Reasons Why Paper and Pen Benefit You in the Digital Age

  1. I use my email for my work tasks and home tasks (outlook for work and gmail for home).

    At work I then write in my diary the things from my tagged email that I will do the next day in short (two wordsish). Then tick off what I have done, or worked on if it is bigger. The end of the week I need to record everything for timesheets and my diary is the key to doing this quickly because I stick to what I do as what is written in my diary.

    At home I leave my email marked unread until I complete it and have gmail set to show unread emails at the top.


    1. Thanks Needlesoffury! How has it been going? Do you have a particular routine you use to decide which tool does what?

      Would love to hear more! Jeff

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