Top Day-Timer Planning Tips from June

Plan a happy and safe Independence Day holiday.

While you’re having fun this weekend, do yourself a favor and make it a point to think about 10 good ways you can balance in more time for family, friends, and yourself — not just during vacation, but during the rest of the year as well.


You, our readers once again have shown us what topics are important to you in terms of reaching your goals, getting things done and finding work-life balance!

Here are the top read posts by readers of the Day-Timer Blog from the month of June:

The 5 Minutes of Planning that Will Save Your Day – The title says it all… a small amount of planning can have a HUGE impact – more things done, less time wasted, and less stress.

Ask Jeff – June 2011 – Answering a reader’s question on combining her iPhone with a paper planner. Good tips for anyone struggling to use digital and paper.

Get 5 Things Off Your To-do List Today – Quick tip for facing the busy week ahead.

9 Key ADHD-Friendly Time Management Strategies – Whether you have ADHD or not, this is a great guest post from ADHD time management expert Kim Collins.

The Easy Fix for Facing Stressful Tasks — There’s a reason you’re not getting certain tasks done, and you may not even realize it. The good news is that there’s an easy fix for that…

Here’s the Help Busy Moms Have Been Looking For – You’ve been wondering if there’s really a way to get your family organized and on the same page — and I can honestly say Yes! There is a way.

4 Simple Steps for Making Your Goals Happen Today – Guess what? You can make your dreams come true because there is an easy four-step formula for success.

The Key to Stress for Today’s Working Mom — It seems Mom is trying to do it all, and plan it all — typically with minimal help from her family — and it’s a major cause of stress in her life.

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