The Best Productivity Links for Your Weekend Reading

chain linksHere are some of the best articles from around the web that you can use this weekend to improve your organization and productivity:

Insert a Little Pareto Into Your Day [Dumb Little Man] I never get tired of thinking how the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) can benefit my life. Here’s a good article on reducing your effort.

Eat That Frog; Do The Worst First [Get Organized Wizard] Whatever you call it, getting that big difficult task out of the way always feels good. Here’s a good discussion with examples you can use.

7 Ways to Regain Your Balance [Time Management Ninja] We all lose our balance at some point. What’s important is finding your footing again and getting back on your feet. Here are some valuable tips.

A Ridiculously Simple Technique For Hitting Your Goals [A Daring Adventure] A study undertaken byScrantonUniversity concluded that one simple action can increase the likelihood of you hitting your goals by 1,000%. Read past the sales pitch.

Living with Your Deadlines [Stepcase Lifehack] Plain and simple, a few easy ways to deal with your upcoming deadlines.

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