Lighten Mom’s Workload — Get Organized “Family-Style”

You know what I like best about family meals at home? Everyone breaks bread together and serves their meal from the same plate. It’s a dynamic process!

You know why Mom likes it? Because it’s easier. Much more so than cooking and serving a handful of individual meals.

Planning should be the same way.

Last week we discussed the value of sharing your family schedule via HomeLife, Day-Timer’s free online family calendar.

Today, I’m going to offer some easy ways to get your family involved in sharing the load of planning and scheduling.

Mom Needs Help

As you may remember, a recent Day-Timer survey pointed out the fact that Mom is in most cases the sole person in-charge of her family’s schedule – a responsibility that may be causing undue stress in her life.

Counter that by getting everyone involved. Create a system that keeps all things planning in one central location, and allows easy access by all family members. That way, there’ll be less chance of missed appointments, scheduling conflicts, and forgotten tasks.

Get Your Family On the Same Page

Here is a great blueprint for getting your family involved in planning:

  • After Sunday night dinner, spend 15 minutes over dessert planning the week ahead
  • Go over and update your schedules for school, sports, clubs, work, and social activities
  • Make everyone responsible for bringing their own calendar, or inputting it into an online family calendar
  • Create a reminder system so duties are remembered on the day-of — use an automatic text message reminder, or a visual cue such as a wall calendar
  • Split chores or to-dos for each family member — rather than assign them, have a big list and let the group decide who should do each
  • Discuss deadlines and expectations whenever possible so that there is clear understanding and less chance of slip-ups
  • Reward individual contribution — always allow individual members to cross-off their own to-dos and enjoy that feeling of satisfaction; also, set-up a treat or allowance system for kids

As always, your system is what works best for you, but I urge you to go check out the HomeLife online family calendar. It’s free and easy to get your whole family on-board in just minutes, so there’s nothing really to lose.

BTW: I’m looking for a few people who will tell me how HomeLife is working for them. Please email me at I love your feedback!

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