The Key to Staying Connected with Your Family

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Today’s tip: Sync your schedules with a web calendar

Have a lot going on at home and at work? Well, you don’t need to sweat the small stuff anymore, because there’s a way to manage your important details.

Try this:

Use an online calendar to sync, store and share your vital family appointments and schedules. Take the important events from your day planner and create a master schedule that can be easily viewed and updated by your family and friends.

Here’s why:

Keeping an online family calendar allows you to take your mind off personal and family plans with the confidence that you will be reminded of what’s important when the right time comes.

You now have more freedom to concentrate on work while staying completely connected with important family events  such as doctor’s visits, kid’s sporting events, school plays, and family birthdays. You know… the things that otherwise slip your mind when you’re engrained in everyday work.

Here are the many ways an online calendar can help you:

  • Updates your all your family’s schedules at once in real-time
  • Avoids redundancy — no need for various family members to keep duplicate schedules
  • Eliminates stress by allowing you to set appointments and forget them until it’s time
  • Lets you set reminders for other people in your family of important events
  • Syncs with various existing electronic calendars, including Outlook and Google
  • Unlike other technology, this is free!

Make your life a whole lot easier. Go sign into HomeLife™ the Free Online Family Calendar by Day-Timer — it’s quick and easy — and use online calendar sharing to your advantage.

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2 thoughts on “The Key to Staying Connected with Your Family

  1. Trying to use your Home Life Calender. It will not let me log on. I’ve tried diffeerent names etc. No success. suggestions ??

    1. Hi, Jack. Sorry you’re having difficulties. The sign-up form on the right-hand side of the HomeLife page is requesting not a name but an email address, after which you will be instructed which information is necessary given any errors. Please email me your specific issue to and I can better assist you.

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