How Dads and Grads Can Spend More Time Together

dad and gradJune is an important family month for many reasons, but two key reasons are Father’s Day and Graduation.

You should take advantage of these two events because they can positively impact your family in ways you never imagined.

What you have are two issues with a similar solution: the Dad in your family is overworked and in need of quality family time, and your graduating son or daughter is in a state of flux on their way to either college or a career, and in need of guidance.

Here are a four great ways Dads and Grads can spend some purposeful time together:

(Note: your child’s not yet graduating? These tips are all still relevant for gaining family time)

Job or career planning

Schedule an hour each week to review your son or daughter’s job search progress. Keep a networking journal in a planner that tracks all of the leads, calls, and resumes sent out. Last year, the unemployment rate for college graduates was the highest in a quarter century. Dad’s advice, contacts and support might make the difference.

Remember Father’s Day is June 19. For great gift ideas see our unique selection of business planners on Facebook.

Sync up their schedules

Help your Dad and Grad get on the same page by making a commitment to sharing their schedules once a week. It’ll be much easier to find together time when they know each other’s plans. By the way: Dads and Grads each need a planner, so here’s a handpicked selection for Father’s Day and graduation gifts. You can also consider combining their schedules in an online family calendar.

Create some memories

Hold a weekly appointment to do something unique, like golfing, washing cars, playing poker, or attending a baseball game. These cherished “together” moments are clearly numbered, so why not make the best of it?

Plan a summer project

Before your son or daughter flies the coop, why not join together in one last project? Make it a rewarding activity such as a landscaping project or a vegetable garden and you’ll have nothing but positive feelings to share. Plan the project in a series of 10 or so steps and schedule it out over the course of the summer. Here is a good resource for do-it-yourself outdoor project ideas.

Reach out and touch

This one’s easy for long-distance situations: schedule a weekly phone call, or video call like Skype or FaceTime. Start this routine now and it has a great chance of sticking for the rest of their lives.

It’s seldom mentioned, but Father’s Day and graduation bring together a perfect opportunity to bring balance and harmony to your family. You can take advantage of this important time before it’s gone.

How do your Dads and Grads spend time together? Please share your plans and experiences with the other readers. Post your comment below.

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