5 Great Gifts Moms Deserve on Mother’s Day

Note: Mom, this post is written in your honor. Please email this post (or share via social web) with your spouse and children who may be searching for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

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Not even a lifetime supply of spa treatments and shopping trips does the trick. There’s no one gift that truly measures up to all Mom means to her family.

Moms wear many hats — too many to count. In fact, a recent calculation of the average stay-at-home mom’s would-be wages totaled more than $61,000 per year. Of course we value our Moms far more,  but the study highlights her many valuable roles.

Though spas and shopping trips are fantastic too, do something extra to show Mom that that you truly recognize and appreciate her many responsibilities and commitments.

Here are some recommendations:

– Solitude: Give Mom a special time each week. Mom may not admit it, but she needs time to herself, her personal interests, and at the very least, her rest.

Try this: Schedule time, either a half-hour to an hour per day or a few hours on a weekend, and on the family calendar make it known to all that this is “Mom’s Project Time.” She takes no calls, accepts no visitors, and can not be disturbed. Punctuate this gift by buying her components to a fitness or hobby interest.

– Collaboration: Sign on as Mom’s apprentice in one of the time-consuming tasks you may not feel capable of. Offer to shadow her and take on a role in a specific task, like laundry, dishes, or grocery shopping, or house cleaning.

Try this: (Great for kids) Give her a signed commitment to this apprenticeship for 3 months with hopes it will become your full-time job.

– Initiative: Do something for Mom without her asking. Commit to taking ownership of a duty that affects your household.

Try this: Take initiative and plan, cook, and clean up a meal – once a week. Make sure it’s a healthy meal and an equivalent of something she’d cook, not just some microwave meal-in-a-bag.

If you can’t cook, now is a great time to learn. It’s a fantastic learning experience that adds health and balance to anyone’s life.

– Planner: Help Mom gain better control and feel less stressed by updating her time management system. There is no one more deserving of a first-class planner than the hard-working, multi-tasking, 24/7 Mom.

Try this: Choose from this specially chosen group of planners that we discounted just for Mother’s Day. [Planners listed on Facebook]

– Flowers: This gift from nature gives in so many ways. Flowers add beauty, freshen the air, and brighten the mood in any room, making it much easier for Mom to be productive. Why not give her flowers for the rest of the year?

Try this: Take inspiration from the flowers and commit to keeping the house fresh. Make the cleanliness and organization of one particular room your responsibility. It will save Mom time and cross one item off her to-do list. That’s a beautiful thing.

What would you like for Mother’s Day? Do you have any great gift ideas? Post your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “5 Great Gifts Moms Deserve on Mother’s Day

  1. This post is so sweet! I love the ‘collaboration’ gift. I always enjoyed doing things together with my mom, and really miss that now we live on different continents.

    Flowers have always been one of my favorites. I think people are starting to underestimate them as a gift. I love getting and giving them. They’re a great reminder of the beautiful things in life and the value of nature. AND they’re green :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Jorinde! I love flowers as a gift, and you are so correct that they are so underrated. Nothing offers such a boost to your life. Enjoy your time — Jeff

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