Become Instantly More Reliable with a One-Calendar System

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Today’s tip: Consolidate your calendars

Keeping your calendar in order is the first step in being responsible for all of your commitments in life. It’s also the one step where you, like most people, might be failing at.

Try This:

Create a one-calendar system that you can rely on. Choose one calendar – be it paper or digital – and commit yourself to a routine that integrates it as your main go-to schedule.

  • Consolidate your work, family, and other activities schedules
  • Choose one day each week (Sunday works best for most) to update your calendar from your notes and lists
  • Include your spouse’s schedule in order to create one shared calendar
  • Use different colored ink for various schedule types (e.g. work, home, family)
  • Make reviewing your entire calendar part of your morning routine

Here’s Why:

While you might do an acceptable job at keeping a schedule for your primary commitment, such as work, it’s quite likely that your other commitments, such as family, are not on your radar. Having a one-calendar system allows you to keep an eye on the big picture, and it ensures that appointments won’t fall through the cracks.

You can stop relying on your spouse to remind you of upcoming plans. Start using one trusted calendar and have confidence that you’ll meet your commitments today.

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