Finally, Bright White Recycled Paper – Day-Timer Offers a Better Eco-Friendly Choice

recycled planner pagesNow you have another great reason to start planning today.

Day-Timer now offers a new level of high-quality performance planning paper that is both earth-friendly and suitable for professional use.

Say so-long to the grainy, grey recycled paper you’re used to. Day-Timer has raised the bar on recycled paper with its Premium White Recycled Paper.

90% of customers prefer our new recycled paper

We let a thousand customers test-drive our paper and more than 90% gave us their vote of approval. This feedback gave Day-Timer the “green light” to go ahead and bring the product public.

Here are some more great reasons to choose our recycled paper:

  • High-end quality look: suitable for any business situation
  • No bleed-through: thick, hearty paper keeps ink off the other side
  • Bright white sheets: your notes pop right off the page
  • No bumps or chips: or stray fibers invading your writing space
  • Smooth, clean surface: provides an enjoyable writing experience

What recycled material becomes our paper?

We derive our premium quality 90% recycled paper through unique manufacturing processes whichrecycled planner pages combine material from pre-consumer and post-consumer material. (For more information, please see the graphic to the right.)

What trees are used for our paper?

The remaining 10% material used for our planner paper includes virgin fiber sustainably grown and responsibly harvested before arriving at our Pennsylvania facility. Our processes have been awarded Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Chain-of-Custody Certification.

When can I get Premium White Recycled paper?

Order yours today. Premium White 90% Recycled Refill Paper is available now on refills starting with July 2011 start dates, as well as note and accessory pages.

Honor your planet, honor yourself. Make a socially-conscious choice for your planner today. Go to the Day-Timer website to place your order.

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