Weekend Productivity – Best Links for Your Time-Off

chain linksHere are some of the best articles from around the web that you can use this weekend to improve your organization and productivity:

10 Home Office Time Savers  [Freelance Folder] Give your home office a little productivity boost this weekend.

5 Simple Ways to Double Your Productivity [Dumb Little Man] It’s possible to increase your output by forming a few of these positive habits.

How Productive is Michael Scott? [Stepcase Lifehack] Fans of the TV sitcom ‘The Office’ will enjoy this discussion of the bumbling boss’s leadership skills.

14 Dangerous Ways to be More Productive at Work [Time Management Ninja] Sometimes you have to take a few risks to get your stuff done. Check out this great list of ideas.

4 Famous Workaholics and the Secrets of Their Success [Stepcase Lifehack] You think you’re a workaholic? Here’s an interesting look at four people who have make it work for them.

10 Tips for Staying Productive During Vacation Time [Freelance Switch] Eliminate your “off-the-clock” guilt. These great tips work for your weekend productivity too.

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    Thanks — Jeff

  2. I cannot believe a company that prides itself on efficiency, planning and management has allows itself to be associated with the Pink Ribbon application on iPhone. As reported by a number of customers the calendar in the application is wrong. Yes, the calendar, the very life-blood of Daytimer and they release an application with an incorrect calendar and take their sweet time in correcting such a gross mistake. If they get the base of the product wrong you have to wonder how good the product could be.

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