Getting Ahead by Volunteering Company Time

volunteering productivityFor National Volunteer Week Day-Timer continues discussing the productivity benefits of volunteering your time.

Wil Reynolds has a unique view of his employees’ time. He expects them to give it away.

It’s not as unusual as it may seem. You see, the founder of Internet marketer SEER Interactive believes in having his employees volunteer their time.

“We are focused on giving back to the community,” Reynolds said, explaining how his Philadelphia-based company was founded on the core values of sharing its success with others.

He says volunteering creates a personal sense of balance, which has made a meaningful impact on the way he and his team get things done.

“It reminds me that I’m sticking to what I aspire to be. My values. It’s not just about running this company and trying to make tons of money. It’s about doing things that are important to me personally. Something other than working really hard and doing a good job at work.”

As discussed in Monday’s post, volunteering positively impacts one’s overall mental health, benefitting your effectiveness at work and at home.

It’s been shown that volunteer work enhances well-being by inspiring such feelings as happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, and sense of control over life.

Studies also show that volunteering offers workers various job-related advantages, like new skill development and enhanced social skills.

Though Reynolds admits he can’t legally require his staff to volunteer, he says it’s never really been an issue. It all stems from hiring the type of people who share his belief system.

Reynolds leads by example, having longstanding involvement in several charities. He unquestionably believes in the positive effect of volunteering on his staff.

Though volunteer time can cut into staff productivity, Reynolds says the gains far outweigh the losses from a personal effectiveness standpoint.

“There’s no line item for keeping yourself grounded. It doesn’t show up in the P and L.”

Wil Reynolds is the founder of SEER Interactive, a Philadelphia-based Internet Marketing company and a national leader in SEO strategy. Visit his company website:

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