Boost Productivity by Giving Time Away

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Today’s tip: give your time to someone else

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, you can improve your productivity by giving your time away. Because it’s National Volunteer Week it’s a great time to discover the benefits of building volunteer time into your schedule.

Try This:

Plan to give some of your time away each month:
• Find a local charity or a local branch of a national charity through an online search or through your business network
• Set a realistic expectation as to how much time you can give
• Check company policies regarding time-off allowances for volunteer work
• Make volunteer work a routine activity at least once a month

Here’s Why:

When you make volunteer work a routine, it becomes a regular part of your schedule instead of an interruption of your time. Its benefits are clear:
• Relieves stress through the act of helping others
• Builds balance by creating a meaningful non-work related activity
• Creates a meaningful activity that may match up with your goals and values
• It reminds you of life’s big picture by showing you what’s truly important.

Anytime you can achieve better balance in your life you will find yourself more grounded, less pressured by work-related stresses, and more able to get tasks done.

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Come back Wednesday, the Day-Timer Blog will feature a Philadelphia area company that actually encourages its employees to take time off and volunteer, and has seen successful results from its productivity.

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