How to Work and Pursue Your Dreams this Week

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Today’s tip: Work on your “Someday” List

If you suddenly had all of your days free with no commitments or responsibilities. What would you do? You should start planning these “someday” items today.

Try This:

Work on your Someday List this week by writing down the activities and goals you’d like to one-day accomplish. Learn to swim? Start a business? Write a book? Finish your basement? Then schedule an hour of time, or two half-hour blocks, this week to work on a Someday task off this list. It might be a small, slightly-indulgent non-urgent task, or a single piece of a much larger goal.

Here’s Why:

Typically your daily to-do list is packed with work and household responsibilities, leaving your personal pursuits as an afterthought. Planning small pieces of time for Someday tasks each week gives you a better, balanced life. And, don’t make it a major undertaking, a little progress each week will  add-up to an accomplished goal before you know it.

Remember: though the year is already one-fourth complete, there’s still tons of time to pursue your hopes and dreams. Get started this week.

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