How to Form Positive Habits

I speak often about how better productivity habits come from a daily routine of planning and prioritizing your activities. Are you planning routines into your daily schedule? You should be.

The Zen Habits blog shares some of the author’s favorite daily routines that he has transformed into positive habits. Please check it out and feel free to steal these ideas for yourself.

One of my favorites is #4: “Prepare meals in advance,” a habit I am currently working on. My wife and I make it a weekend routine to create one big meal that can be broken down into several meals throughout the week. It cuts costs and inhibits us from eating out due to laziness. This is part of our plan and it fits right in line with our goals.

Use your planner to create some routines this weekend. Remember the following:

  • Routines create Habits
  • Habits lead to Accomplishment
  • Accomplishment inspires Balance in your life.

Ask yourself this weekend: What habits can I plan for myself that will offer me positive results in my life?”

For more inspiration, read the entire post: The Little Habits [Zen Habits]

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