The Better Way to Start Your Workday

do the hardest task first Jumpstart Monday | Get your week off to a great start with the Day-Timer blog. Each Monday we’re going to feature a new tip to help you gain a more productive week at work and at home.
Today’s tip: Do the toughest task first.

It’s a vicious circle: you keep putting it off and putting it off until you’ve run out of time in your day. That difficult task you know you’ll have to do seems too much to bear right now.

You very well know that if you wait too long, you’ll soon be scrambling to get it done on deadline.

Try This:

Start your day with your most difficult important task, no matter how painful or tedious it may seem. Follow this habit for 2 weeks straight and you’ll see the positive results.

Here’s Why:

Knocking off your hardest task sets a positive tone for your day, and offers a boost to your self-confidence. Truly, the rest of your day will seem easier by comparison. It’s a much better feeling than going through the day knowing a tough task is hanging over your head.

It also fights procrastination by stopping the snowballing effect of putting off important tasks until you’re “ready.” It’s hard to be productive when you’re spending your day stressing about having to do something difficult.

Get yourself ahead this week by doing the most difficult task right away.

[photo by Mostafa Saeednejad]
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