Stop Tax Time Stress from Invading Your Productivity

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Today’s tip: Organize Your Tax Folder

The April 18 tax deadline is looming, but right now you probably have other things on your mind — work, family, bills, life — the immediate things.

You want to get started on taxes, but it may not be a priority today – or even this week for that matter. Here’s a way you can get the ball rolling and relieve some of the inevitable stress that sadly accompanies tax season.

Try This:

Organize your tax folder this week by putting a plan behind the gathering process:

  • Gather your various receipts and quickly sort by expense type into letter-sized envelopes (e.g. health care, business, donations)
  • Print a sheet containing all your relevant contact info, including social security numbers of all dependents
  • Start a checklist of your necessary tax documents, staple it to your folder. Use this tax preparation checklist from Yahoo Finance

Schedule yourself a half hour meeting on two nights this week. You’ll be well on your way to beating the April 18 deadline.

Here’s Why:

The stress of something undone can have a cumulative negative affect that snowballs into your productivity at work and home. The key is to just get started.

I’ve alluded to this fact in an earlier blog post: organizing your taxes will save you time, money, and stress. Any tax preparation expert will tell you that they can prepare a return in less time  and with better results when you have your forms, receipts, and other information organized.

Stop your stress from invading the rest of your life. Get your tax folder organized this week.

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