The Better Way to Make Big Changes in Your Life

Are you struggling to make changes in your life? This post might help you out.

With a nod to the Lifehacker blog, this is a post well worth sharing . It’s an inspiring presentation from the esteemed TED conference on a topic most everyone is concerned with — making changes in your life for the better.

The talk centers around the idea that people fail at self-improvement more often than not because they try to make big sweeping changes. Instead, it’s suggested that you balance in lots of small but meaningful activities.

Lifehacker offers a great tip you can use to improve your balance:

Make a list of the little things that matter to you and pick five on any given day. Give yourself 15-30 minutes to do each of the five things spread throughout your day.

From my standpoint, I couldn’t agree more. Your ultimate happiness stems from your ability to make yourself well-rounded, with a week of planned activities from all of the aspects in your life.

It’s a little over 13 minutes, but quite compelling. Give it a view and make time to give yourself some balance this weekend. And please comment here to share how it’s working for you.

View the presentation: Find a Balance Between Work and Life Through Small Strategic Changes [Lifehacker]

[photo by Patrick Doheny]
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