Vital Tips for Finding Work-Life Balance This Weekend

balance family timeYou’re probably already thinking about the weekend, but don’t shut down yet.

Here are some tips to help you end the week on a high note. They all involve the much needed topics of reducing stress and adding balance to your life.

Carry these ideas into this weekend, and feel better about your priorities next week:

Learn to Let Go

Are you fretting about late tasks, overdue deadlines, or yesterday’s news? You may need to stop living in the past. Letting go may be your only hope. Read this great article about letting stress go at Time Management Ninja.

Send Your Email Away

This tip alone might give you the peace of mind to enjoy your weekend. Your inbox probably feels overcrowded and burdensome right now, especially because it’s Friday. Relieve yourself from email stress by creating an X-Delete folder. From Get Organized Wizard.

Take Shower Notes

All great ideas come while you’re showering, most get forgotten. Not anymore. Here’s a practical idea from the ParentHacks blog — useful for those with or without children. Keep bathtub crayons handy to write notes about your family shower schedule, your grocery list, or your next great work idea. Read this from Parent Hacks.

Practice Slowing Down

It just doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, but slowing down is the best cure for work-related stress. And, it allows you to see the big picture this weekend — meaning family, friends, home, life… Here’s how to slow life down from The Positivity Blog.

Find the Things You Love This Weekend

I love this post from The Simple Dollar because it hits home in so many ways. Take 20 minutes this weekend and make a list of the things you love. It will inspire balance in your life. Please read this great post about finding what’s important.

Give these posts a try and please let us know which ones helped you find balance this weekend by commenting below. Or, visit us on Facebook and add your two cents.

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