Avoid the One Time Mistake Almost Everyone Makes

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Today’s tip: Separate the Urgent from the Important

A large part of your time last week was spent putting out fires and otherwise doing busy work. Yes, it’s frustrating, and yes there’s a better way to take charge of your time.

Try This:

When new tasks drop into your lap and require your immediate attention, ask yourself the following question:

– Is it Important to me, or is it just Urgent?

Important tasks fit into the big picture of your purpose in life. They rank high upon your personal, family, or work-related goals. Urgent tasks simply require attention right away.

Now, prioritize accordingly. Work important tasks into your action plan, and find a correct response to the urgent tasks – some you may have time for, some you may need to delegate, and on some tasks you may need to take a pass.

Here’s Why:

People often confuse urgent tasks as important. They seem important because they often have last-minute deadlines and require real-time responses.

The problem, however, is that urgent tasks do not always carry any relevance to our goals. It’s like how running a red light has no relevance if you’re not in a hurry. The consequences of jumping after urgent tasks is time wasted not doing what you should be doing: what’s important.

Make important choices with your time!

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