The Key to Getting Work Going This Week

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Today’s tip: Use the 2-Minute Rule

Monday morning brings you a vast list of repetitive tasks, “must-dos,” and “should dos.” It becomes an overwhelming dilemma of where to begin.

Try This:

When you face tasks each day, identify items that can be completed quickly and get them done. Use 2 minutes as a general rule — meaning anything that you estimate will take under 2-minutes should be done ASAP and not added to your to-do list.

For example: when checking your inbox, take immediate action on the messages that can be responded to with a sentence or two. Other email should be marked for follow-up, closed, and put on your task list and assigned an appropriate priority.

Here’s Why:

Using a little instant gratification in your time management practices can often keep you from getting bogged down. It keeps your to-do list from growing out of control and gives you the freedom to make real-time decisions and take action. The 2-minute rule also fights procrastination because it empowers you to act.

Take action and have a great week!

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  1. I’ve tried to get intouch and never recieved a return message. I have a Mac do you have your planners in computor form???. If you do I would like to buy it! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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