How to Keep Stress from Holding You Back

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Today’s tip: Manage your stress

Work deadlines, traffic jams, family responsibilities, head colds — by the time your day is up you’ve seen pressure come at you from every direction.

Managing stress is a challenge everyone must face, and is necessary to a productive life.

Try this:

Start a Stress Journal. When you feel pressure bearing down on you, open a fresh page in your planner or on your computer and write 10 sentences about how you feel. Describe your concerns in detail.

Here’s Why:

Stress not only makes you distracted and unproductive, but worst of all it can be harmful to your physical health.

Having the words out of your head and down on paper will assist you in understanding your feelings. Oftentimes, the mere activity of journaling will reduce stress. The sources of your tension are typically less problematic when seen from a new perspective.

A Stress Journal helps you address your feelings so you can have a productive day today. Ultimately, it will also improve how you react to pressure in the future.

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