The One Goal You Should Achieve This Week

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Today’s Tip: Achieve One Goal This Week

It’s going to be a busy week. There’s a growing list of tasks accompanied by a schedule full of appointments that all require your attention. Are you tired of this being the same old story?

Here’s one simple but effective way for having a successful week:

Try This:

Set your mind on accomplishing one goal this week, and get it done. Choose a milestone from your long-term goals (New Year’s Resolutions) or set a goal that’s relevant to something important at work or at home. For example, you might choose to gather all of your tax information this week and prepare for your filing.

Once you’ve chosen your goal, schedule a series of daily tasks that will get it accomplished. Be sure to plan realistically, spread out your tasks, and check that your goal fits in with the other work you have planned.

Here’s Why:

Having one main goal sets a unique purpose to this week. It reminds you to lift your head from the daily minutia and see the big picture. Just as daily commitments are necessary — for earning a paycheck, paying the bills, running a household, and so on — setting weekly goals are vital to moving forward in life.

The mental payoff to achieving a goal is tremendous. You have the chance to score a personal victory this week! If anything, it’s a major motivator toward keeping yourself on-track with your daily planning. Go achieve your goal!

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