An Easy Fix for Procrastination

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 Today’s Tip: Procrastinate Effectively

Staring at the snow-covered driveway outside your window never seems to get it shoveled, nor does watching the unopened bills on your desk get them paid. Yet, you procrastinate anyway.

It’s common predicament, so here is a good tip for getting work done when you’re not feeling productive.

Try this:

When faced with an undesirable task on your to-do list, the first course of action is of course to face the issue, bite the bullet, and just get it done. However, when procrastination strikes, do it effectively.

Here’s how:

  • Be flexible. Allow yourself several periods of time during the day for working on your task. Don’t make it a one-shot deal because the pressure will intensify. Just be sure to set a deadline of getting work done today.
  • Take it with you. Keep your project notes, files, and other materials handy at all times so that you can work on it when inspiration strikes.
  • Don’t goof off. If you’re not going to work on your A-level task, then at least get a B or C task done. Don’t throw your time away slacking off.

Here’s why:

Let’s face it, procrastination is a daunting foe, but some people fall victim to it more easily than others. So when it strikes, don’t fear it, deny it, or feel guilty about it. Just accept it and manage it. This will keep your stress levels down and your weekly productivity up. Keep in control of your time — don’t give yourself over to the whims of procrastination.

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